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    We are more than just a casino...

    We are the great playground with high-class services.

    Our 10 years heritage are the proof of our business experience, that indulges us to surround you with all this luxury resort.

    Located in the heart of Bucharest, in one of the most exclusive areas of the town, we offer you both first-class relaxation and gambling experience.


    Excitement. Adrenaline. Entertainment.

    Take exciting risks and enjoy gambling in an exclusive atmosphere. Our Live games, Slot Machines, Poker tables and Lotteries are frenzy to try them.

    If you are an experimentalist and want more of that gambling excitement, visit Platinum Casino, another beloved luxury casino of ours. Or if you prefer changing the perspective, we have for you the online gambling alternative on www.netbet.ro and www.netbet89.ro.

    The perfect mix between relaxation, well-being exercise and a balanced way of facing day-to-day stress.

    You can access all of them in our elegant and modern spas and sports clubs. Our high-end services will reveal your beauty, maintain your health and calm your soul.

    A whole variety of haut cuisine blending traditional Romanian, Mediterranean, Italian, Lebanese or Asian food, on dedicated nights, that are waiting to enchant your whole being.

    If you want to have just a snack, you will easily find a recommendation among our restaurants.

    Have a relaxing walk around the casino and enter the shopping paradise.

    Because in our area you can find the most famous fashion designers, jewelries, accessories, cosmetics and decorations that will delight your senses.

    If you want to spend time outside the casino, be amazed by our remarkable Dracula Castle, placed in the cradle of the Carpathian mountains, enjoy the sun on the marvellous beaches along our seaside or sky and enjoy the fresh air in the beautiful mountains.

    Our travel consultants will be delighted to help you explore the great beauties of our country, from ticketing to a complete travel consultancy.

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